New Items & Sales

New Furniture – TV Stand, Cowboy/Cowgirl Dresser

Our interior design gallery has new furniture pieces for Summer 2013! This six-drawer dresser was hand-carved and hand-painted by artist Sadie O’Fahey. The whimsical cowboy and cowgirl paintings are accented with carved lines to set off the figures. Bold, colorful characters are painted on all drawers, both sides, and on[more]

Paintings by Artist Sadie O’Fahey

Handcrafted Interiors is pleased to carry original paintings and mixed-media wall hangings by artist Sadie O’Fahey. Several pieces hang in the gallery and feature a variety of images. Whether you are encouraging guests not to smoke with her “Smoking Is For the Birds” piece, or want the fun and entertaining[more]

Colorado Pottery – Mugs, Bowls, Plates

Handcrafted Interiors carries the Always Azul line of ceramic sets: mug and spoon sets of four large mugs with lids bowls plates chip and dip plate Prices range from $15 to $60. Multiple colors and patterns are available. Call us for more information: 970-264-9252.                

Cedar and Mesquite Hand-carved Elegant/Rustic Wooden Bowls

Hand carved wood bowls by Scott and Stephanie Shangraw. Using the natural shape of the tree, Scott meticulously hand carves each bowl to create truly one of a kind vessels. Types of wood include native juniper, cedar and mesquite. Once the bowls are created, stone inlays are applied to the[more]


Our handcrafted mirrors are made by Cappy White of Old Stones Furniture Company. The mirrors are made with traditional joinery and reclaimed wood. Some of the mirrors have stone inlay, while others have whimsical birds that are handpainted by local artist Sadie McFahey. The mirrors come in all shapes and[more]

LED Flower Lights

From lamps to accent lighting, our gallery showcases unique and eclectic lighting for all areas of your home.

We’re Live!

The new Handcrafted Interiors site is live and ready to share our unique gallery pieces with an online audience.